Drummer, percussionist, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Daniel Roy is one of Winnipeg, Canada’s most highly recognized musicians. After studies in Montreal, Toronto and New York, he has recorded and toured worldwide with the likes of Nathan, Madrigaïa, Johnny Cajun, Steve Bell, Oh My Darling, Luc de la Rochellière, Zachary Richard, Sierra Noble, The Ministers of Cool, Glenn Buhr, Papa Mambo, Ego Spank, Graham Shaw and countless others. His skill and versatility allow him to work across all genres of music, and have made him the first choice for many producers and artists alike.

Daniel’s name can be found on over 100 album recordings of varying styles (folk, R&B, pop, traditional, world, jazz, rock, etc.). As a musician, he keeps a busy schedule of live performance and studio recording around Manitoba and beyond.


As a singer-songwriter, Daniel has released two award winning albums “Le nombril du monde” (2009) and “Hyperbole” (2011), both of which took home a WCMA (Western Canadian Music Award) for “Album francophone de l’année”. The SPACQ (Société professionnelle des auteurs et des compositeurs du Québec) foundation in Québec awarded Daniel the prestigious “Prix Edith Butler” for his work as a writer in 2012.

The ROA project took Daniel and his bandmates across Canada and francophone Europe, and helped establish him as a prominent francophone artist in Western Canada. His imaginative, energetic and engaging performance style was also captured in some of his music video work.

Although this project is not presently “active”, Daniel plans to return to producing his own material in the future.


EGO SPANK /ē-(.)gō/ noun /’spank/ verb : 1. An eight-legged, four-nosed music monster known to consume unassuming fans with the nastiest funk and sweatiest R & B known to human or beast. 2. A band comprised of Murray Pulver (guitar, vocals), Gilles Fournier (bass, vocals), Marc Arnould (keys, vocals), and Daniel Roy (drums, vocals), ubiquitous talents in the Winnipeg and International music scene. 3. A slap to one’s exaggerated sense of musical self-importance. VISIT THE WEBSITE.